Pregni Pillow is proven to aid in pregnancy. Here's what some of our customers say


Claire Lane

"I used the Pregni pillow towards the end of my pregnancy and thought it was great! It was very versatile and I like the way you can add or deflate air from it to make it more comfortable for the different ways it can be used and it is also very easy to move around in the night when changing position. Out of the different pillows I used throughout my pregnancy I definitely found this one the best and I will be sure to tell all of my pregnant friends about it!"


Suzie Hubbard

"I started using the Pregni pillow at 24 weeks of pregnancy and found it so much better than all the other pillows i tried with previous pregnancy's. It is light weight and can easily and quickly be deflated which was perfect for me as i stay away quite a lot. It is both comfortable and stylish and i would recommend it to all of my pregnant friends".


Toni Caldwell

"I can honestly say that I have had some of the best nights sleeps since using pregni pillow during my pregnancy, but I have also found it useful when sitting at my desk and on the sofa. The pregni pillow is definitely more versatile than other pregnancy pillows around".

  • Q.What are the benefits

    Pregni Pillows offers a wide range of benefits to help your comfort during pregnancy. From helping to support your back whilst watching TV and to help promote comfort during sleep.