Pregni Pillow's unique shape helps support the pelvis and hips, and encourages sleeping on your side in the recovery position, which is recommended by doctors to give your baby maximum flow of blood and fluids to the placenta.

Hip pain is a common complaint in pregnancy although it is not widely researched. It is often grouped together with pelvic pain in general. It is often a problem in bed at night and makes sleeping difficult.

During pregnancy the body releases hormones which relax the ligaments that support your joints. This happens virtually from conception as nature's way of preparing the body for labour. The extra movement this allows around the pelvis is helpful for giving birth. However, it can lead to some discomfort earlier in pregnancy which may get worse as you increase in size and weight.

 It is important to adopt a sleeping posture in which all the joints around the pelvis and hips are well supported. This would mean sleeping on your side with both legs bent and the Pregni pillow between the knees supporting your legs. The way Pregni Pillow is designed for use it also prevents you from rolling onto your tummy. You may also find gentle heat in the form of a hot water bottle or wheat bag on your hips helpful.

"After 16 weeks of pregnancy, lying on your back may make you feel faint. This is because your baby is pressing on your blood vessels. Try lying on your left, with your knees bent up and pregni pillow placed between your knees. This keeps the pressure off the muscles around your hips and pelvis. Pregni pillow between your legs will keep your knees slightly apart and your hips aligned, therefore should reduce strain on the joints of the pelvis."

  • Q.What are the benefits

    Pregni Pillows offers a wide range of benefits to help your comfort during pregnancy. From helping to support your back whilst watching TV and to help promote comfort during sleep.